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September 16, 2010

Wood Floors For Your Home Or Office
Author: Karl

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The rainforest canopy is perhaps the most important layer of the rainforest. This layer has the most plants and animal life. The rainforest canopy can go as high as forty five meters above the forest floor. This height is controlled by competition of light, the fewer the high trees, others trees will be forced to grow taller in search of light. The rainforest is largely dependent on moisture and moisture control by the canopy for its survival. Rainforest canopy can stretch to immense distances. In spite of the overlapping tree branches of the rainforest canopy, canopy trees rarely intertwine or even touch. The reason behind the trees not touching still remains to be a mystery, but is theorized that it serves as a protection from invasion of tree eating caterpillars and diseases of trees like leaf blight. Canopy animals and dwellers must have the ability to settle these tree gaps by gliding, leaping, climbing or flying to survive. Animals existing in the canopy play an important part in the rainforest ecology too by knocking down fruits from trees allowing the terrestrial animals to nourish for a longer period of time because they do not have to wait for the longer time the fruit will fall by itself.

Wood Floors For Your Home or Office

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