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December 30, 2010

Model Training
Author: Karl

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What make computer games very popular are the regular releases of good computer game software. If you have not yet tried out the following, find a demo and find out for yourself. The technology race in the computer games category will be heavily participated by Microsoft with their Xbox 360 – powered by a multi core processing unit, Sony’s Playstation 3 by a cell processor technology, and Revolution by Nintendo will allow player interaction through a wireless motion sensing controller. The popularity of the computer and video games has been a big business that it has surpassed the revenues of the film industry excluding the films ancillary revenues. However additional business for the computer games also comes in the form of trading cards, T-shirt prints of popular characters in video games and game titles and television shows that features reviews and gaming competitions. Judging from continuing developments and innovations in the game designs and computer technology, the year 2006 will even be more exciting.

Model Training

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