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December 4, 2010

Kruger Park Safaris
Author: Karl

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Amphibians don’t really need a lot of taking care of, just make sure that they have adequate water and surrounding objects that they can associate with their natural habitat. Some amphibians need water baths so that they can bath in them such as turtles and snakes, it is important to make sure that these animals have enough room and space to move around because if they don’t then they may suffer from the effects of disfigurement and growing problems. Fish are like I said the easiest to keep in a tank aquarium; they need a full tank of water, obviously. They need a filter, heater and proper lighting equipment. There are several different types of fish that can be put in an aquarium and they all need different types of habitats, so make sure that your aquarium tank suits the type of fish that you have purchased.

Kruger Park Safaris

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