Dog health and grooming

Author: Draf

Dog health and grooming

Dog grooming is related to dog health. It is mandatory to groom a dog for its good health and well being. Each part of your dog has to be taken care and the entire process of cleaning and taking care of a dog is known as dog grooming and doing this keeps the health of the dog well. For a good dog health, grooming the ears is essential. You should check the ears frequently for fleas and ticks. Once a week at least you should pay attention to your dog's ears especially, if it has drooping ears. As such ears are easily prone to bacterial infection. You should dip a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and gently wipe the clefts and let it dry. Pluck the hairs slowly that is on the ear so that air circulates freely. If your dog is shaking its head often or pawing its ears frequently, you should visit a vet as for reasons such as wax in the ear or inflamed skin or bad odor.

Your dog's health will remain safe only when grooming is regular. Any smallest infection is enough for a dog to fall sick. Moreover, dogs get infected very quickly. Medication for mites is also essential. Similarly, you should see the eyes of your dog and using a soft moist cloth wipe your dog's eyes during every regular session of grooming. Certain breeds of dogs are prone to eye infections and so regularly it should be cleaned. In case you find greenish or yellow discharge from the eyes, visit the vet immediately for any infection. You should look at its feet for any infected cuts between the pads and toes. You should check for bruises and treat it immediately to prevent infection. The toenails should be clipped every fortnight so that the blood supply does not get disturbed.

Dog health and grooming go hand in hand. Grooming involves taking care of its teeth. You should give the puppy's soft object so that they do not harm their gums and cause injury. Use a soft toothbrush and brush its teeth thrice a week using dog toothpaste. Some breeds have to be taken special care for they may have frequent dental problems. Grooming is more concentrated on the coat and healthy skin. Maintaining a good diet with the advice of a vet is a must. Bathing regularly is a must but not often as its coat will loose the natural lubrication. Grooming is essential to keep the dog free from fleas, mites and ticks.

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