Dog grooming techniques

Author: 3draf

Dog grooming techniques

Dog grooming is an essential feature for a pet owner. Proper dog grooming helps in preventing the parasites such as fleas, ticks, etc. Dog grooming contributes in providing overall comfort of the dog depending on the temperature and season. Dog grooming includes bathing, brushing and various other items such as nail clipping or tooth brushing. All these grooming activities are expected to be done on regular basis so that your dog is healthy. This is done with the help of dog grooming techniques so that they are groomed properly.

Bathing is the initial step and this should be done prior to nail clipping or hair trimming as this removes the parasites found on your dog. This also gets rid of the debris that works on your dog's fur and makes your work easy while brushing or trimming. This softens the hair and is beneficial to you or your dog. Dogs do not like trimming of their hair, so it is essential to leash your dog. It is best to put on a humane muzzle to avoid getting bitten. If you find grooming is a matter of concern as your dog may be aggressive, it is best to give this work to a professional. Brushing is essential before and after trimming as it eliminates clumps of hair and is difficult in trimming.

Purchasing a pair of clippers and trimming down the hair that is overgrown is essential. The summer months are ideal for considering trimming to shorter lengths than the winter months. The nails of your dog should be regularly clipped as it contributes to your dog's paw health and also keeps your furniture safe from scratches. The nails should be cut short right from the puppy stage so that they are accustomed to this procedure. The dog grooming techniques are of great assistance as the teeth, eyes as well as ears are vital parts for dog grooming. Tooth health can be taken care by using special toothpaste and toothbrushes. Leakage from the eyes should be taken care and needs to be cleaned regularly from infection. Ultimately, ears should be regularly checked for parasites and the dirt and debris should be cleared.

The main technique in dog grooming is hair untangling. Untangling the hair of your dog is an important thing as leaving it unattended causes big problems to its coat and it hurts him. Knots should be considered prior to bathing as they tighten after water is poured and this will turn to be disastrous. So it is ideal to cut it short. The more you do regularly dog grooming, the faster and perfect will be your hand.