Dog grooming styles

Author: Draf

Dog grooming styles

Dogs were earlier used to safeguard establishments. Now after ages, dogs have evolved as the best friend of a man owing to its loyalty as well as unconditional love. The dog owners pamper their pooches to a very great extent. This has emerged to more dog styles.
It is observed that dog style is the next to humans. Each season the style of the dog is forecasted and is accordingly decked. The dog owners love to see their dogs stylish identical to their styles. They take their dogs to pet salons and do not mind spending lavishly on their grooming and polishing. The polished looks and the stylized accessories have become a part of the dog today. Dogs are also given sunglasses suitable to their fancy collars. Moreover, each season they have unique accessories and clothes.

The color that was popular last summer was pink and this gave a feminine touch. Last year, the styles of the dogs were cute and subtle in comparison to the 2006 that was rough identical to a military appearance. However, each and every breed has a distinct feature. So the dog styles totally depend on the nature as well as the size of the dog. The accessories and their clothes are tailored and designed such that they come as a complement to the dog. The dog grooming style has reached to the extent that dog owners hire designers to tailor innovative clothes for their pet. This has led to canine fashion world. Fashion designers struggle and emerge with novel designs for various breeds. The clothes are designed unique for various occasions such as formal and informal. Today, the status of a person is judged seeing the style of his dog and its accessories.

Dog grooming style is a new profession and is referred as canine fashion designers. These designers earn equal to the human fashion designers. Dog owners have become liberal in spending in enhancing the style of their dog. The canine designers are using satin, faux fur and tartan for clothes and these clothes come with glossy buttons, embroideries and brocades. There is cheaper stuff also available in the pet stores. It is apparent that the importance is given to dog style recently and there are many fashion and dog shows conducted where you can see great styles. This shows the importance of dog in human life. Humans do not spare any pain to bring their dogs in great style. They try to locate the best designer and groom their four legged companion to the best of the styles.

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