Dog grooming scissors

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Dog grooming scissors

Dog grooming is essential, but it is not mandatory that you have to go to a professional groomer or to a salon for grooming your dog. You can very well do it on your own and this will be loved by your dog as well. You will get into a new bond of relationship with your pet when you groom your dog. You have to pay high charges to a professional dog groomer, if you get your dog groomed by them. However, you can get the dog groomed perfectly at your home and benefit by saving all the money and the time of taking the dog up and down.

Dog grooming is a simple job, but it has to be done very carefully. You need certain equipments to get your dog groomed such as do grooming scissors, thinning scissors, dog toe nail clippers, dog clippers, dental scaler, dog tweezers, dog nose scissors, dog hair pulling forceps, brush and comb. Dog grooming scissors is the most important equipment for grooming a dog. The dog grooming scissors are available in both types, straight and curved. The common size of the dog grooming scissors is 8.5" and is available in titanium, polished and satin finish. Recently, the titanium coated scissors are common as they look beautiful and have lasting sharpness.

The curved scissors cut the corners literally and are time savers. It may take a little time to handle the scissors, but you can gain experience by using it on the tails and topknots. You can use the curved scissors to create an arch on the eyebrows of the terriers. Even professional groomers who faced difficulty in shaping curved and round edges accomplished success using curved scissors. The scissors that have wider blade are excellent for bulk hair cutting. Thinning scissors are recommended for thick coat of hair and are the right choice in hot weather. Thinning the heavy coat helps the dog in hot weathers as they feel cool. Thinning scissors have 28 teeth blade and are useful for Lhasas and identical breeds that have flowing coats. Even breeds such as Westies and Scotties also can have a smooth appearance.

Nose scissors are important for grooming your dog. A pair of nose scissors helps in removing longer hairs. The nose scissors have blunt end and does not disturb the dogs. Using electric hair trimmer is safe than scissors, but it must be handled carefully. However, you need to be careful and use scissors or

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