Dog grooming jobs

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Dog grooming jobs

Dog grooming jobs are done by dog groomers or by owners. Dog groomer's main job is to keep the coats of the dogs in perfect condition. They advise the owners on dog coat car, diet as well as grooming. A dog grooming job includes checking for sore areas or lumps on the skin of your dog and looking for parasites or fleas. The next job of a dog groomer is to shape the coat of your dog with stripping knife or electric clippers. This is then followed by shampooing and also by drying the coat of the dog and ultimately giving a trim with scissors. You can clip the claws of the dog and clean its ears and teeth.

Dog grooming jobs are quite a responsible job as each breed should be taken care in a different style such as the poodles are clipped in a distinct shape and it is essential especially when dogs are brought in for display. There are three ways of training a dog as a dog groomer. You can locate an experienced and qualified groomer so the training is appropriate. You can do an apprenticeship and suit yourself as a dog groomer. You can also attend a course at any of the private training centre or college and go for a job of a dog groomer. Above all these, you should basically have a strong interest to opt for a dog groomer's job. Your affection and dedication is the most required quality for being a dog groomer.

Beginning a job as a dog groomer does not demand any particular qualification, but requires maximum experience. You can initiate with any basic course regarding animal care such as Diploma or BTEC National Certificate course and acquire voluntary experience. You can also try to locate voluntary opportunities so that you gain experience. Private dog grooming courses start and are only for three months followed by little work experience. You can get into a dog grooming job through some scheme of apprenticeship. The range of availability depends on the job markets and the skills required by the adjacent areas.

The moment you are employed in a job of dog grooming, learn the practical skills from an experienced and qualified groomer. Along with this you can complete few other courses that may be helpful in grooming such as the British dog groomers association higher diploma in dog grooming or City and NPTC intermediate and advanced certificate in dog grooming. To acquire background knowledge, you can also study through distance learning offered by the animal care college.

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