Dog grooming instructions

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Dog grooming instructions

Dog grooming instructions are a must for any dog owner. He has to follow the dog grooming instructions to have a healthy and well maintained dog. Though, you may feel dog grooming is a simple work, it involves lots of small and big jobs that have to be done very carefully. Regular as well as consistent dog grooming helps in eliminating unpleasant odors, and more importantly helps in keeping the dog at its best. You also feel good when your dog looks its best. Simple instructions on dog grooming also is of a great help and these techniques keeps the dog smelling clean.

Dog grooming instructions for a bath are simple such as use warm water only. Do not pour water on his eyes, ears and face directly. Avoid shampooing his face. Start from the tail part and shampoo all the other areas well until the neck. Lather using water and massage its skin gently. The belly and tail area as well as the area between toes and its paw pads should be shampooed well. Similarly, rinsing the shampoo well is very essential as any remains of shampoo may cause itching for the dog. You can use a conditioner for long haired dogs.

Good brushing is one of the important dog grooming instructions. It is essential to dry your dog completely prior to brushing. You can towel dry and use paper towels so that it soaks excess water. You can use a blow dryer in the low or warm setting. Keep the dryer at a distance. Once your dog is dry, brush his coat well. Your dog's coat will shine well only when it is constantly brushed. Instructions for cleaning the dog's ears are also very important. You should gently clean the dog's ear. Use a brand cleaner and follow the instructions printed on the bottle. Gently massage his ear flap and permit him to shake his head. The nails should also be trimmed regularly.

Dog Grooming Instructions are easy to follow and are important. You should remember that grooming keeps a dog happy as well as healthy as it looks nice and assures good health. You should not let the coat of the dog to get entangled as it is tricky to untangle it. Grooming instructions are to be followed so that the dog's coat shines by regular brushing and the dead hair are shed. It is best to follow the dog grooming instructions so that you do not harm the poor animal. Once you follow the instructions, you will slowly get into the same track and can help your pet in keeping clean and healthy.

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