Dog grooming

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Dog grooming

Grooming a dog properly is important for any pet care. It makes an animal look better. It prominently contributes to their psychological and physiological health. You have to take care of each part of the body of your dog.

Coat: Brushing the coat of your pet everyday helps in keeping the hair in a good condition. This eliminates the dirt and helps in spreading the natural oils thereby averting tangles from forming and also in keeping the skin free and clean from any sort of irritation. Regular brushing from an early age is ideal. You should train your pet to enjoy grooming.
Nails: You should regularly trim your nails every month. You will need a guillotine style clipper or scissor and should purchase a tiny bottle of blood clotting powder. Your companion animal should be handled fondly. Place the paw in your hand and trim the nails gently. If it dislikes, accustom it by praising your pet or even by offering treats. You should shorten one nail and then go to the next. You should stop cutting at the point where the nail initiates to curve downward. However, if you happen to cut a little deep, put clotting powder and press it firmly for several seconds. Remember to trim the dewclaw located on the front leg of each side of the paw.
Ears: Grooming involves with ear care. Ear infections are not only painful, but also lead to hearing loss permanently. The signs of problem are redness, head shaking, odor and constant scratching. You have to check the ear flaps regularly and if you find some foul odor or red, black or brown skin, take to a veterinarian for examining. A cotton ball should be moistened with little mineral oil and warm water and clean the canal as well as the flaps.

Teeth: The animals develop periodontal disease such that their teeth are cleaned with pet toothpaste twice a week. It is ideal to use small toothbrush that consists soft bristles.
Bathing: Your companion should be bathed once in two months or even often if required. Ensure that you brush your pet to get of the mats of its coat. Use a bathtub or a rubber mat to have secure footing and place cotton ball in the ears to avoid water entering its ears. Rinse with warm water. Apply shampoo especially meant for pet. Do not forget to clean the rectum, the areas between toes, under the chin and behind the ears. Dry your pet completely with a hair dryer or a towel.

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