Dog ear grooming

Author: Draf

Dog ear grooming

Dog ear grooming is a must do activity regardless of the fact whether the ears of your dog are long and droopy or are short like a cat. The dogs require regular attention and ear grooming so that they stay free of problems. The dog's ears produce wax, retain moisture, trap dirt, grow hair and develop infections easily if they are neglected, even slightly. You should check the ears of your dog almost daily. You should make you dog used to your handling its ears so that it will allow you to do the cleaning comfortably and also will allow a vet or a professional groomer to examine comfortably. Apart from this, spending additional time in cleaning your dog's ears is a compulsory grooming session.

There are some suggestions that ensure that the ears of your dog are in good condition.
* Examine the ears of your dog, check for parasites and tangle as they gravitate near the ears. Check for excessive wax or dirt inside the ear. The ears of your dog should always be clean. Normal ear wax means it is in good condition. If it starts smelling, consult a vet.
* Check inside the ear for bacteria, moisture and trap dirt as it may cause infection. You can also trim the hair near the ears for a neat look.
* Dogs that have long ear hair can be plucked one by one with fingers. You can also use ear powder to grasp the hairs quickly. You should not pluck more hairs at a time as it will be painful. You can use small tweezers for plucking the ear hair so that it does not harm your dog.
* If you find the hair is hard to pluck, cut it using blunt tipped scissors.
* Use medicated ear powder to avoid infection.
* Dogs that have droopy ears have lots of hair and these should be trimmed short so the there is air flow and it decreases the chances of infection.

It is essential to take care of the dog's ear. Ignoring it will lead to more trouble. If you find your dog shaking its ear often or rubbing the paw on the areas surrounding the ear, you have to rush to a vet as it may be infected. The moment you notice some strange behavior in your dog, you should rush to a vet or at least consult a professional groomer. Even, if you can smell something strange, your vet has to attend him immediately.

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