Dog bath tubs

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Dog bath tubs

Dog bath tubs are a better way to give a bath to your dog. The dog bath tub can be used inside or outside the house. Dog bath tub is one of the dogs grooming equipment. The dog bath tub limits its running about activity and also restricts your bending and stooping activity. You can keep the things clean and ensure that your dog is secure and comfortable. However, there are all possibilities that the pet may scratch the bath tub using its claws; make it filthy with dander, fur and all the possible dirt. You have to ensure that your dog bath tub is appropriate for practical use and for this you have to consider the following things:

* The dog bath tub should have a collar system so that the dog is safe and does not get choked even if it slips by chance.
* The dog bath tub should have a non-slip surface and preferably padded slightly.
* The bath tub should have a 1 inch drain as dogs shed while bathing. Whatever, you do earlier to get prepared for getting into a bath tub; you need a bath tub with an appropriate drain so that you can be free of any clogs.
* The dog bath tub should also have a discharge line and the diameter should be 1 inch and this is important to avoid clogging.
* The bath tub should have a nozzle to control or stop the water flow. The nozzle should help in spreading water gently over the eyes and the face and also should be facilitated for a brisk spray for the entire body.
* The tub should have a surface for wiping such that you can easily clean it.

The recently available dog bath tubs come with fixings that can hook to the valves of the washing machine or your garden hose. This has made the job easier as you can wash inside or outside based on your choice. Your dog is also secured and does not make much mess. However, while buying a dog bath tub you should consider certain things such as:
* The dog bath tub should be durable and strong and also should have a long life and should ensure safety.
* The dog bath tub should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the water as well as the dog and should be of lightweight for easy transportation and storage.
* The bath tub should have facilities to hold conditioner, shampoo, brushes such that it is handy to reach out and also avoids bending and spilling.
* The tub should be facilitated with easy connection as well as the release of the clasp should be comfortable enough to be attached to the collar of the dog.

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