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Dog behavior chewing problem


Every new dog owner, especially those who adopt a puppy, shall be forewarned: dogs chew. They chew everything they feel will give them a good chewing exercise, looks chewable and is physically reachable.


From the young teething puppy, which will seriously need to chew on something while developing the teeth, until the time where separation anxiety will revert the dog to anxiously gnaw on anything in order to make the dog feel better, this destructive behavior is something that needs taking care of.

Dogs have no idea that a shoe which is worth hundreds of dollars is not the same like its chew toy, unless you catch the dog early in flagrante and reprimand it. Buy some very good and tasty chew toys.


Don't buy dozens, just buy a few, but make sure they are the best of the best. Teach your dog to use its chew toys and not other things, like shoes, underwear, rags, furniture and other forbidden stuff. Before the dog develops a habit of chewing everything in sight, you should make sure you've got chew toys and that you keep an eye out, in order to catch the dog doing the chew thing on a prohibited item.

Catching the dog while chewing the disallowed item is the main training success point; the dog does not know what it has done wrong, unless you catch it in the act of doing it and reprimand it then and there. Despite constant reprimands, the dog may continue with the chewing, therefore it is important to keep the chewable contraband out of the dog's way. The furniture which is being used as chew toys should be coated with any kind of a foul tasting substance, make sure it is not something toxic, to make the dog stop chewing it. There are liquids available in pet stores, which can be used to repel your dog from chewing the furniture.

Dogs have no hands, therefore their mouth is a species specific substitute. Everything we do with our hands, dogs do with their mouths, carrying around things, checking how they can use this or that, up to the verification if something is food or not. This is a behavior which can be curtailed but not eradicated, for that reason it is vital to start educating your dog as early as possible to leave your stuff alone and use designated chew toys for chewing.


With some breeds you will continue with this exercise for as long as you have the dog, but it is just another characteristic of your best friend you will have to live with. 

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